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Community Partners of Tarrant County is a registered 503(c)2 non-profit who works closely with the Tarrant County CPS Board and Tarrant County Child Protective Services.

There are thousands of children within Tarrant County who are placed with Relatives, Foster Homes, Residential Treatment Centers, Group Homes, Emergency Shelters, and/or otherwise displaced. These children can be the victims of different types of abuse such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and/or neglect.

Community Partners' mission is to take care of the many little things that might make the lives of these children more ‘normal.’

Some examples include:

-Funds for attending extra-curricular activities

-High School graduation expenses such as caps, gowns, and class pictures

-Recreational activities (swim lessons, athletics, music lessons, etc.)

-Clothes, diapers, lice kits, specialty formula, shoes, etc.

-Birthday gifts, basic prom expenses, other special events

-The list goes on and fluctuates based on need.


In the darkest hours these kids may be facing, you can help give them comfort in the sense of having one less worry. One less stress.

You have the power to let them be children again- if only for a moment.