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Basic & Urgent Needs

Oftentimes, families are in crisis mode and lack basic necessities to meet the immediate needs of their children and often community resources are exhausted and unavailable.


CPTC sponsors the Rainbow Room, which provides emergency & non-emergency resources for children & 

families. Items can include diapers, 

unused clothing, formula, hygiene 

items, safety products- and more!


Parental Support

CPTC supports & funds groups and treatment efforts for parents within the CPS system. This may include parent support classes, special trainings, and substance abuse support systems.


We believe that providing these tools to parents can change the lives and outcome for these children.


Nurturing & Growth

CPTC promotes & financially supports efforts for children and families that are going through traumatic times.


Each situation is unique and requires

individual attention and planning. CPTC provides funds to help obtain assistance to nurture healing & growth.


Caseworker Assistance

CPTC understands how challenging CPS

casework can be! We believe that caring 

and dedicated caseworkers can make a significant impact on the lives of children and families!


CPTC strives to engage, encourage, and help support caseworkers within Tarrant County.


Childhood Experiences

CPTC believes that every child should have a ‘childhood’. Sometimes children don’t have the oppurtunity to just be kids, so CPTC helps support these efforts in special circumstances.


These experiences may include birthday celebrations, educational & summer camps, tutoring, holiday parties, and outings for siblings that have been separated.


Events & Fundraising

CPTC participates in and conducts events

throughout the year to help children & families. We understand that without volunteers and the help of the community- our efforts would fall short.


We are always looking for sponsors and volunteers to help our mission within Tarrant County. Please contact us

if you are interested in helping our ongoing efforts.


Community Partners of Tarrant County is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit charity established by members of the Tarrant County CPS Board in 1981 to help meet the special needs of children and families served by Child Protective Services/Child Protective Investigations.

Our Mission Statement is:
"To provide help and hope to abused and neglected children and the caseworkers who serve them"


Some things that we do:

How does Community Partners of Tarrant County (CPTC) support CPS children and families?

CPTC sponsors the Rainbow Room, which provides emergency and non emergency resources for children and families. Available through caseworkers, families and children can receive many needed items such as diapers, formula, new clothing , personal care items, cleaning supplies, safety products– and much more! All items are new and ready to go.

CPTC also provides funding for many other needs, including:

      * Graduation Expenses for Youth

      * School Supplies, Holiday Gifts, and Birthday Presents

     * Staff Appreciation Events

     * Sibling and Caseworker Outings for Children in Foster Care

     * The SAVE Program

      * Recreation and Enrichment Activities for Children

      * Training & Support classes for Parents/Families

                                   And MUCH more!

How does Community Partners of Tarrant County support CPS workers?

Community Partners admires the work that CPS does everyday- it takes courage and dedication. CPTC partners with CPS staff so that they are better able to meet the needs of their clients with a focus on child safety and support. We are always looking for new ways to support CPS staff in Tarrant County so feel free to reach out to us if you are a caseworker and have a suggestion.

Do you have staff?

Community Partners of Tarrant County is made up of volunteer Board Members and has a Designated DFPS Board Support Unit that helps out!


Designated DFPS Board Support Unit:

Stacey Jourdain: CPS Board Liaison Supervisor

2700 Ben Avenue, Fort Worth TX 76103

(817) 255-8711


Elna Chester: Rainbow Room Manager

2700 Ben Avenue, Fort Worth TX 76103

(817) 255-8825


Lonora Washington: Community & Volunteer Coordinator

2700 Ben Avenue, Fort Worth TX 76103

(817) 255-8820


Aimee Benish: S.A.V.E. Program Supervisor

401 W. Sanford Street Suite 2400, Arlington TX 76011

(682) 215-2846

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