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Holiday Wishes


You can make a difference!

When most people approach the Holiday/Christmas season, they think of wonderful times with their family and friends: the smell of cinnamon and pine, the taste of eggnog, laughing, exchanging gifts, driving slowly through neighborhoods and observing twinkling lights. It truly is a time of cheer.

For some.

For others, it is not.


Imagine waking up in a house unfamiliar to you.

Your siblings are somewhere else.

Your parents are gone.

Your friends are in another city.

Each child's circumstance is different but every situation is traumatic.

Unfortunately, children within the Child Protective Services system often know exactly what this is like.

Whereas most children feel safe and loved in their environment, these children are often met with abuse or neglect of their very basic needs.

Many of these children see life as a daily struggle instead of a world of cheer and comfort.

These children have Gift Wishes that you can help fulfill! 

Last year over 1,000 children were supplied with gifts donated by generous people and businesses within the community.


The Holiday Hope Project supports the children of Tarrant County whom are involved in Child Protective Services cases and are in need.

*Holiday Wish Cards will be available early November*

**If you would like to donate generic items for our Toy Store (which serves children on new cases or those that did not get adopted through our Holiday Hope Project, please reach out to the email below**

In addition to In-Kind donations, we also accept monetary donations to purchase items for our Toy Store. 

If you would like to make a monetary donation please push the "Donate Now!" button above

Thank you!

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