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Even in times of Pandemic...

protecting the young doesn't stop.

Help Support our CPS Caseworkers.

Making masks or donating supplies is a great way to help during this critical time.

DIY Face Mask

Picture Tutorial



Easy Face Mask Pattern


Surgical Mask

Video How-To

doll face mask.jpg

Common Questions

Do these really offer any protection?

The patterns above are being used in some medical settings. We will be providing these items directly to caseworkers, who can make decisions about how to best use them. These masks are intended to offer a level of protection from bodily fluids and to offer our caseworkers a small peace of mind.

In no way does CPTC guarantee non-exposure with these masks and will not be held responsible if parties using them become exposed and/or ill.

What materials should I use?

Research has shown that 100% cotton works best.


-Some people like to use two different prints so the inside portion of the mask is easy to differentiate from the outside. Keeping this clear may help reduce putting the mask on wrong and negating any of the possible benefits.

-Using flannel on the face side of the mask may offer a little more comfort to the wearer.

-Some stores are running out of elastic and a good alternative may be sewing on tie strings or sewing in elastic ponytail holders that can easily fit behind ears.



Will I be reimbursed for materials?

Due to limited resources, donations- are well, donations! We appreciate your time, effort, and care (as will the caseworkers out in the field!)

We are a registered 501(c)3 charity, so if you would like a donation receipt please leave your name and address with the masks and we will get a donation acknowledgment letter to you as soon as possible!




How will these get to the caseworker? 

We will ensure that these get distributed to caseworkers in Tarrant County and beyond if we get surplus masks. We can arrange no contact drop-off locations for donated masks. 



Who should I contact if I am interested or have general questions?

You can contact us below:




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